Humic Acid Products

The Organic Products Company produces many natural products that are based on our unique natural deposit of humates and humic acids. These environmentally friendly products are used extensively in industrial and government applications to control noxious odors, reduce corrosion, reduces suspended solids and for controlling biological oxygen demand in waste water.

Our agricultural stimulants produce some of the world's most impressive containerized plants, along with commercial and residential landscaping, fruit trees, vegetable gardens and turf. The USDA approved natural humate we use has many natural organically based trace elements plus natural soil biology that plants need to grow strong and healthy.

Because our natural humate has never been hardened we are able to manufacture our end products with a very low carbon footprint and maintain a green manufacturing facility. Our products contain a special balance of natural ingredients that make them far superior to any other competing products on the market.

Wastewater Treatment

Our Bio Series are humic acid based products that effectively remove toxic metals and hydrocarbons from wastewater.

Our Bio Series products contain active bacterial strains which digest difficult and non-biodegradable compounds. These compounds such as detergents, paper, oil, grease, and hydrocarbons are consumed. The benefit is immediate odor control. This is achieved by the beneficial microbes and lignin. The lignin acts as a macromolecular "sponge" by absorbing and capturing potentially odorous compounds. The lignin contains 7 open receptor sites that bind to odor causing elements like ammonia. The result is a much cleaner, odor-free environment.

H2S Scavengers

Our humic acid products also serve as H2S scavengers to reduce the level of hydrogen sulfide gas in crude oil, intermediates, and refined products. Use of these H2S scavengers ensures safer operations with reduced environmental, regulatory, and operational concerns at refineries, storage tank facilities, terminals, and in transport vessels.

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