Organic Pro

Organic Pro is our original and base formula extracted from naturally occurring organic materials. This liquid blend was developed specifically to provide an environmentally acceptable solution to odorous biological reactions.

After 10 years of extensive research Organic Pro has been found to have remarkable properties in odor and corrosion control, stimulating microbial activity, and wastewater clarification.

Organic Pro contains a highly reactive lignin molecule. The lignin serves as a biological sponge and absorbs the odor causing byproducts from bacteria.

Organic Pro also contains a high quality humatic soil derived from a rare earth deposit. This content possesses a unique blend of humic and fulvic acids that breakdown the harmful bacteria and promote the activity of beneficial micro-biology. This restoring of the natural balance results in cleaner, odor-free water.

Organic Pro represents unsurpassed odor control for a wide range of situations.

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Organic Pro can be used to control odors from sewage plants, waste collection facilities, paper mills and rendering operations. In wastewater systems, it reacts with hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide and most organic acids to permanently neutralize the chemical and its odor.  Organic Pro should be metered into the system of continuous flow streams at least 100 yards ahead of the point of H2S release. Organic Pro can be metered directly into waste lagoons, aeration basins, digesters, clarifiers, or SBR’s. Longer retention improves performance.

It has been found effective in removing hydrogen sulfide and TRS gases from paper mill scrubber systems. The Organic Pro formula should be added to the circulating or make-up at the gas inlet of the scrubber. Testing in the circulation of water show neutralization of the sulfides. Tests in the gas stream show a reduction 76%.

Optimum Conditions for Use: 
OrganicPro performs within a pH range of 3.0 to 11.6 with the optimum near pH 7.0. Effective temperature range is 40 to 145 F.
Dark brown/black liquid
Earthy smell
Specific Gravity: 
US Patent #: 
6,656,723 B1